Kesheng has cooperated with over twenty scientific research institutes, colleges and universities for long term, including Chinese Academy of Sciences, East China University of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou University, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangsu Pesticide Research Institute, and Northwest A&F University, etc. Also, Kesheng has invested 16 million Yuan to establish a technology center in Nanjing.

Kesheng has developed circulating economy together with Zhengzhou University, and bought the IPP patent from East China University of Science and Technology at the price of 20 million Yuan.

Kesheng has successively undertaken over ten projects under China Spark Program, “Accelerating Technical Progress and Reform" Project, and special project of pesticides, etc.; and has successfully developed many new products replacing high-toxicity pesticides and meeting agricultural production demands, including not only new type of acaricide filling the blank in the domestic market, but also new pesticides firstly produced at home, as well as a batch of new formulations such as concentrated emulsion, microemulsion, suspending agent, granule, and water dispersible granule, etc.