About The Meaning of HOSO

HOSO is the English mark means honor and source. HOSO has been registered as a brand with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and indicates that the Company is a trade circulation enterprise with respected value orientation and sustained competitive edge.

Jiangsu HOSO Import and Export Co.Ltd. is the holding enterprise of Kesheng Group, and was established with the joint investments of Kesheng Group and High Hope Group in Nanjing in 2008. The Company mainly deals with the import and export of the technical and intermediates of various pesticides, etc.

Jiangsu Kesheng Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a “China Backbone Pesticide Enterprise”, “China Key High-tech Enterprise”, and “China Top 500 Chemical Manufacturers”. With priority given to high-efficiency, low-toxicity, and low-residue green pesticides, Kesheng is the largest manufacturer of imidacloprid, pyridaben and pymetrozine in Asia. Persisting in the road of independent innovation and brand creation, Kesheng has had the honor to obtain the title of “China Top 10 Patent Enterprises”, and undertaken two Chinese national programs for science and technology development during the “11th five-year planning” period. “Kesheng” is a Chinese renowned trademark, and “Kesheng” imidacloprid is a Chinese famous brand product.

Jiangsu High Hope Group is a large-scale foreign trade group in Jiangsu province, and is among “Chinese Top 500 Enterprises”. In 2008, the total volume of foreign trade of High Hope International was USD2.0 billion, including USD1.63 billion export; and its sales income was RMB12 billion Yuan.